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Thread: Cut or bulk

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    Cut or bulk

    Hey again dudes,

    I started my journal. Did not get back to it. Loads happend recently. Almost broke up with my woman. Things went weird and all. Im back now, I will keep at my journal.

    I've decided on HST! Heard so much good about it. I will start this tuesday - on finding my RM's.

    Anyway Im not sure if I should BULK or CUT. Well my long term goal is to weigh 230lb, cus im a tall fella. Right now, im 191.36lb

    Now any sane person would tell me to BULK - But I noticed this layer of fat building at my mid section. Not like really fat, but yeah, its actually quite a lot if you pinch it. And If I sit down, it overflows LOL Damn if I keep bulking and gaining weight, Ill have a big ole belly like my dad.

    Now as for cutting! I don't want to lose weight at all! 191.36lb is already not a whole lot for someone 6'3 like me! If I lose the bodyfat,i'll look skinny. Besides, when I want to bulk back up to 230, Ill regain it anyway!

    Damn, what a dilemma! To bulk or cut, that is the question!
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    i assume you mean you want to weigh 230-cut

    so bulk you got a long way to go

    dont forget you have to go way over 230 bulking so u can cut some of that fat off

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    Yeah big..

    My only fear is; I hope I don't bulk all the way up to 240-250, and then cut, and come back down to where I am now!

    I've heard that happens with a lot of people!

    Seconadry fear is, what if I can't lose the fat later on.....

    Im sure these are common fears. Anyone got a good cutting story here, that could inspire me.
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    AJ22, I hear ya.

    I wish I had a good story to help you out. I have wrestled with question for as long as I have been lifting (short by most ppls standards). I have never gotten my bf down to a level that I could sustain a long bulk without becoming unacceptably (at least to me) fat.

    If you cut now, you will lose weight IMO, since to do otherwise would indicate that you are gaining muscle while losing fat, which I believe is very difficult to do. If your already concerned about the your level of body fat, you may do well to drop a bit first and then go into the bulk with some renewed enthusiasm. Something I still haven't been able to accomplish so I continue to waffle back and forth.

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    Lean bulk.
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    A muscular 230 is different than a fat 230 pounds.
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