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Thread: Me And My Issues! :) Update!! Need Advice

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    Same thing happened with my old gf lately. Doensn't talk to me forever and then out of the blue starts callling. I kind of got suckered into the trap and got messed over again. I say leave that girl alone and don't talk to her.

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    Ever think that maybe it's the obvious? She still wants to be friends. People do that, you know.

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    I'm with Nights. I wouldn't call her though. It's rare that works out well, because USUALLY (not always, mind you) the other person wants to become friends all of a sudden because their next relationship just blew up and they're lonely. As soon as they get their feet on the floor again in another realtionship, they're gone again.

    If she calls and you enjoy her friendship, visit with her again. If it irritates you, don't. I wouldn't call her, though. You might dredge up old feelings just about the time she's ready to not need your friendship anymore.

    I'm all for staying friends, BTW, if it happens and if you're comfortable with it. But a lot of folks work way to damn hard at "being friends" after dating, because they think they should or it validates what they had together or something. Not necessary. Young people date, they break up, it's a normal part of life. You don't "owe" each other anything afterwards (except being decent and civil to each other and respecting each other).

    But if she wants to be friends and it doesn't play on your psyche in some negative way, great!
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    Ignore the bitch. Make her regret dumping you. Cause by you talking to her your giving into what she wants. All shes going to do is head**** you again. Watch out bro!

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    never date someone who's already broken up with you. I don't think she's interested in that relationship anyways. Maybe she was just feeling bad and wanted to see how you were. Only talk to her when she initiates calls, convos. And for christ sakes leave your mom out of it, and no more calling her over nightmares, or wet dreams.
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    #1- She likes the fact that you will come back so easy and agree to spend time with her when she asks, and uses it as a self-confidence boost when she needs one.

    #2- She really DOES want to be friends with you.

    I dunno which one
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