I know you heard it before, but I'm trying to increase my Bench Press. I've been training for nearly 2 years now and have just got access to the internet and descovered these great forums so any help you guys could give would be great!

For the past 3 month, yes three month, I have been stuck at benching at max of 127kg * 3 reps, I have tried resting, changing my routine/workouts and creatine all to no avail. I have never used drugs or intend too.

I train 3 times a week on all major body groups with increased poundage on a regular basis - apart from the bench press.

General Chest routine is:

Bench Press 4 sets - 117 kg x 7
119 kg x 6
119 kg x 6
119 kg x 5
+ 3 of max rep

Incline Press - 99kg x 6
101kg x 5
101kg x 5

Dumbell Press - 44kg x 10 flat bench
44kg x 8 inclined bench

Dumbell flyes - 42kg x 11 flat bench
42kg x 9 raised bench

Kg's on bench press and inclined do not include bar. I am 5'10, and wiegh in at 210lb


Grenfell :confused: :help: :help: