I was just thinking about the mix of people on the site, some who use gear, those that have used gear, those that are thinking about using gear, and those that will never use gear. I was curious as to everyone's point of view, on qualifying stats/lifts while on gear, etc. This is more of a trivial discussion as I was simply curious on how others view this. For example, when some use gear if they are using their lifts to backup arguments, which seems to be the case for a lot of individuals, should they be qualifying their statements with an "I'm on gear" statement? Also, how long after would you think that you should qualify things with regards to gear? I'll take Chris Mason for an example, only because I don't think he'd mind being singled out and has spoken of the small cycle he has done. What if Chris had done some bigger cycles in the past. Would he then say maybe a year after the cycle that he was at the level he was because of gear? Or is there some point in time you would think it doesn't matter anymore?

I am not starting this thread so people can start a little flame war on users vs non-users. I am just wondering what perspective people have on the achievements people attain, while on gear vs never on gear vs on gear in the past.

I personally think, that if I was ever to do a cycle, I would always mention this fact, if I was actually talking about poundages, or showing my physique. I say this because if I were on gear, I wouldn't be at the level I would be, if I weren't, so some progress must be attributed to gear use. Also, a cycle, I would probably continue to mention it for a while. I know some wouldn't, and I'm just wondering what others think about this subject.

I think, nothing bothers me more, than people who try to back up their arguments with their lifts, I think it has no meaning whatsoever in a debate, but I think what would truly piss me off, would be someone who does this, and is also on gear, speaking to someone who is not on gear, and using their lifts as backup.

Hmmm...maybe I just felt the need to make a thread for no apparent reason. But I'm curious what some of the more experienced guys here think.

Oh, and this isn't a loaded debate/question or whatever, I am simply curious, and wouldn't mind a friendly discussion of the matter. I don't think this should be in the anabolic forum as it pertains to all lifters.