I've always tempted to go to the dark side. There isn't a time that I think about lifting that I don't think about doing a cycle. How come I don't cross the line? I'm scared of the needle, is the main reason. As for posting if your on gear while claiming a lift, yea, I think you should because at least it will give a reason for a great gain. Example - I've been lifting hard for 4+ years now and my bench is at 285x4. There is a guy in my gym who is on gear and has been lifting for about a year and a half now. His bench is 375x2. P*sses me off ! Why?? I have 4 years into it and no where near that weight, but then the reality sets in as to why he is doing that kind of weight. Personally I wouldn't care what kind of weight I can do as long as I can get a 50" chest, 19" arms, etc. I'm trying to get as BIG as possible not really going for the bragging right of having a big bench.

Did that make sense or did I just ramble?