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    Me Journal.........

    Ok, I guess it's my turn to start a journal. I'm on the board enough so why not get in the game with everyone esle.

    A little background - started serious training about 4.5 years ago, 200lbs and and getting ready to buy size 38 pants. (I'm 5'10" and 36 yr old now) Something snapped! Refused to buy the pants and joined the local YMCA and started there. Went from 200 to about 170/175lbs and felt good. Started to see some results from lifting and then the bug bit me.
    Long story short - currently 225lbs (bulking) and can still fit into size 34 pants but right now 36 are more comfortable.

    Gym schedule goes something like this:
    Monday chest and tris - flat bench and pyramid down from 285x4 to 205x10. Cable cross overs, pec deck, incline hammer strength machine.
    Close grip smith decline bench, tricept pushdown with v bar, overhead rope expensions, seated tri push down machine. (or whatever it's called)
    Tuesday Back and Bis - Wide grip lat pull downs, seated cable rows, bent over BB rows, lat pull down with reverse close grip. Standing barbell curls and somekind of dumb bell curls.
    Wednesday Legs - Squats either on smith, free standing, or hack, leg extensions, and leg curls.
    Thursday Shoulders - Front lateral raises, side lateral raises, reverse db flies or reverse peck deck, and either db presses or bb presses.

    All exercises start with a couple of warm up sets and then at least 3 working sets, normally 4.

    Diet - not worry about fat and carbs. Just watching protein. Normal day = 7am 3 scoops of nlarge with 12oz skim milk, 9am some kind of uncle bens rice or pasta bowl (25gr protein), 12pm either chicken or steak with pasta or vegs and 20oz of vitamin D milk. (whatever was made for the family from the night before) 2:30pm another nlarge (same as above) 5pm drive from work, ppj sandwich or bagle with a little cream cheese. After gym - post work out shake.

    That's about my day. I know what some are going to say, "to many shakes, eat some real food" for right now this is what is working for me with my work schedule so bare with me.

    Any and all input is greatly appreciated so please do not hesitate to comment!!

    I promise to update as much as possible, note to self - start taking note pad to gym to write down lifts, and to do the best I can each day. And if I don't, someone please kick me in the *ss!!!!

    Let's see what happens!!!!!! First update 11/15/02.

    P.S. will post some pics when I can "borrow" the digital camera from work.
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