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Thread: MonStar's Journal: A New Beginning

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    MonStar's Journal: A New Beginning

    MonStar's Journal: A New Beginning

    Not sure what the heck happened to my first journal. To make a long story short---this is the new journal.

    Not going to go into all of the details that I did with the last one. The bottom line is that I am merely starting all over again with my training and everything else. I am just trying to do what I enjoy doing and not get into the details too much. Stick to heavy weights, and just lift, eat, rest, and grow!

    Going to follow a rather basic bodypart manipulation:

    - Pull
    - Push
    - Legs

    I will be pretty much taking rest days whenever I need them, and Ill be doing whatever exercises I feel like doing. Not going to have much structure because as I slowly get to know myself better I am very apt to tweak things on a pretty regular basis. This way Ill be able to try whatever exercise I feel, etc.

    Guys---please support me as much as ever, I need it! Sorry for the delay of this journal I am sure many of you are wondering what the hell is going on. Wish me luck.
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