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Thread: a bit of advice please!

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    a bit of advice please!

    i did up my calories today at and i totaled just under 1500 per day. I know it's not enough. I'm thinking of trying to fix it by having 2 breakfasts before i leave for class like pup suggested ( but i ended up not doing, because i am an idiot). I'm not sure how many of the eggs i eat equals a cup... in fact i think i'll go check that now... (sorry for the stream of consciousness crap here)... damn it. I had way underestimated the size of a cup... my cals are, in actuality, probably 1000 or maybe even less. No worries though, i know exactly what I'm gonna do to fix it. i have problems cooking stuff for other meals so what i'll do is have 4 eggs first thing when i wake up. then, 2 hours later, oatmeal with a tablespoon of natty PB in it. those are the major changes, but what i really need are small 'snack' meals to fit in between them. I'm thinking a tablespoon of PB and a piece of bread can be one, giving 170 cals. how about 2 cups' worth of milk? that would be 242 cals. since i really like the taste of natty pb on bread, i could do that twice for the small snacking meals. and if milk passes muster, how about that once or possibly twice? i think then, i would be on track. any other suggestions for small, simple, 'in between' meals?

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    you could always get some whole wheat baking mix...make up some muffins or something...definitely stick with the simple food...cheese is also calorie dense and easy to eat.
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    Make sure you are using the quantities properly on fitday. It is easy to underestimate the amount of a certain type of food you ate. I usually have to adjust stuff quite a bit to get it accurate.
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