I notice everytime I cut I lose what seems to be almost as much muscle as I do fat. How can I avoid losing muscle while cutting or should I just bulk up as much as possible for as long as possible assuming that ill lose around 30% of my muscle mass after I cut?

Thats the only problem I have with cutting, when I cut it seems to take me backwards, i feel weaker, less muscle, just generally smaller and slightly more toned.

Also is cutting dangerous? I'd think because I felt so weak when I did and I wasnt at an extremely low bf % that some of these people who cut down to below 10% could be really screwing up their bodies.

Anyone have advice on the PROPER way to cut? How do you know when to stop cutting? I expect to lose about 2lbs a week if i'm doing it right but I end up feeling so weak after a month or two of it.