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Thread: Why do different exercises make different parts of the chest sore?

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    I'm not confusing the terms. Just adding text from physiology texts. I realize it doesn't make the claim that it IS "this" or IS "that." But it gives some guidelines about what it is related to.

    I think if DOMS is a sign you worked a muscle, which I think we can mostly agree on, and you have DOMS lower on your pecs, that that combined with the sliding-filament theory in part says, "yes you worked your 'lower' pec."

    And I've stated my opinion on isolation already.

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    Originally posted by Saturday Fever
    Are you the president of the Baseless Claims Club, or are you going to back that up with reasons?
    I'm not only a member, I'm the president!

    From what I understand, using different exercises will insure that all the fibers in the particular muscle "fire" and that more micro tairs may occur during certain exercises more than others.

    This could also be the cause of less secondary muscle recruitment, IE flies for chest recruiting less tri involvement thus making the pec muscle work harder to preform the exercise.


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