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Thread: Wrists hurt, what can i do

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    Wrists hurt, what can i do

    Well i cant curl heavyweights cause my wrists give out. Theyre ok for smaller weights but once they get bigger my writst cant take it. They like crack now to when i rotate them. so i was wondering if theyre are any excersises to make my wrists stronger or just fix them.

    i just started lifting to

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    yeh my wrists hurt too. only my right one though. I'm half way through my 2nd cycle of HST, the pain started at the end of my first cycle. It hasn't gone away.

    It doesn't seem to hurt when I just used dumbells for my 10 rep phase, but if I use the ezy curl bar or a straight bar it hurts my right wrist.

    What can I do too?
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    Run a search on the forums this question has come up so many times there's probably enough replies to write a book!

    thats your best option, in the future remember to run a search.
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    I had the same problem , but I have small asss wrist and I lift heavy. So what I do is wrap them with wrist wraps and I haven't had the problem anymore.
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    Typically, the pain is due to tendonitis as a result of heavy lifting. It'll go away eventually, but your wrist will probably not be as flexible as it was before the stress-induced injury.


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