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Thread: General advice needed

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    General advice needed

    Hi im quite new to the bodybuiding scene (7 months)
    Just wanted some advice. Although i dont think ill ever get massive or anything i wanted to ask advice on a couple of things. For my protein intake which i try to keep up (but fail sometines) ive been taking protein shakes day (1 per day) and drinking milk, 2 pints a day(skimmed) for my meals ive been eating maybe a steak or some chicken or lean lamb and eggs and baked beans for breakfast. is this ok, how can i improve?

    For my rountine i train 3/4 times a week... once for arms tri and bi , once back and legs and twice chest and shoulders. Is this ok?

    My general body shape now is quite toned but a bit heavy round the middle (beer! and weekends )which im not willing to sacrifice hehe) has anyone any advice either routine or diet to maybe build up the bulk without putting it opn my middle which is where i put the unwanted weight on... my legs are quite skinny naturally unfortunately!

    Any help would be apreciated guys and gals

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    If you wish to put on muscle you need to maybe reorganize your routine. Training chest and shoulders twice as often as other bodyparts probably isn't a good idea. You should work everything equally, and doubling the work may not be allowing you to recover properly. Also, you should be consuming more calories than you burn to increase your muscle mass as well. Even if you have some bodyfat on your stomach, adding muscle may help redistribute this, and the added bonus of extra muscle raising your metabolic rate and burning more calories steadily throughout the day.
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    It sounds like overall you are accomplishing what you want to accomplish?

    I think maybe you need to set some goals and start to head towards them.
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