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Thread: Chin Up Alternatives

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    Chin Up Alternatives

    Hi, first post. I found the site via google and man it's great. I haven't lifted in about ten years and want to get started again. My two boys are 14 & 15 now and I'm trying to get them started too.

    I want to begin (slowly) with the WBB routine 1 but we don't have a dip or chin rack thing. I searched and found that narrow grip bench presses are probably a good alternative for dips but can't find something to do instead of chin ups - obviously I don't have a lat machine or anything either. So, is there anything? Bent over rows is about the closest I could think of.

    If theres no good alternative I'll get a chin up rack - does anyone know how much they cost? Right now we just have a multiposition incline bench and a barbell - oh, and a few dumbbells.

    Thanks in advance for advice.

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