Well I've decided to take the plunge and just go for it. I'm gonna try this journal thing and see if it works better than the disasters I've had with "personal trainers". My first trainer was an ex pro football player that felt everyone should be able to handle his workout. There was no beginner....intermidiate or advanced. You simply did his routine. He used to like to yell alot and tell you, you weren't working hard enough. Well if you knew me then you would know I have a "bit" of a temper and as stubborn as hell.
I simply wouldn't give up or let go no matter what my muscles were screaming at me. So after 3 sessions and ripped muscles in both biceps I decided maybe this wasn't the trainer for me. My next trainer was a girl. Ok this was gonna work out.....so I thought. The girl was a former fitness competitor (so I was told).
This girl was also loaded with alot of personal problems and I spent most of my time being her personal counsellor during my sessions. Finally one day she just didn't show up to work and I heard she got a job as a telemarketer. Good luck on that one Krista! My final trainer at the beginning seemed normal. Although everything seemed to be 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps on everything.
It never changed. I finally clued in why this guy always seemed a little too happy at times. He liked to do weed before work. Now if you want to do weed thats your business but i'd like someone with some quick reflexes when he's spotting me. After that I gave up on trainers. Ok they showed me how to use the equipment and if I need a spotter someone is always nice enough to oblige.
I've gotten some good info on one bb chatline which I will not mention but also some fetish crap I am not into. Powerman suggested this site so here I am. Now I am making changes and so far I am very happy with the quality of wbb. So lets begin with the basics. I am 5ft 7 and 125 lbs. Ok its not alot of weight but I was 118 at comp level and I'm happy I am up to this weight. I would like to maybe get on another 10 lbs. This is the current routine from "weedman" and its just an average. Some days are better than others. The third set was always the heavy one. I am planning on cutting back on the reps and go heavier. I alternate upper with lower workouts and manage to get to the gym about 4 times a week on an average, sometimes more. I also teach and coach skating so I am on ice 2 nights a week with stroking and on ice training.
chest press 80 lbs
pec deck 60 lbs
tricep extension 80 lbs
lat pulldown 90 lbs
seated row 55 lbs
bicep curl 15lbs
shoulder press 40 lbs
shoulder lateral 27.5lbs

leg press 500lbs
leg extension 40 lbs (crappy right knee, surgery in sept.)
hamstring curl 40lbs
abductor 95 lbs
adductor 95 lbs
seated calf 300lbs

abcrunch 90lbs
torso rotation 70lbs
low back extension 180lbs

mix in some treadmill work at the end of workouts

So here it is and we'll see how it goes. Thanks to all of you for your support.