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Thread: broken thumb help

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    broken thumb help

    Last night I was at a club, and my friend almost got in a fight. Well being the person I am, I jumped in to help. Anyway when we got kicked out the bouncer grabed my thumb, and it has been killing me ever since. Now Im not quite sure that its broken. It kinda feels that way, I should know Ive broken tons of bones. I just dont have tons of mobility now. Well what hurts even more is that I might not be able to lift. I have made some huge gains this year, and look like a totally different person. I dont wanna give that up. I was planning on waiting until monday to go back and workout, do you think this is a good idea. I just really cant go without lifting, and I really dont want to lose any of my gains. Let me know what you think.

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    Lift but try to use exercises that don't utilize your thumb as much... like cable machines for benching. But you really should let your thumb heal up.

    I still have a broken toe from trying to break up a fight. It looks left while its other 4 brothers are looking right. Moral of the story? Let them kill each other next time.

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    Don't do a thing until it feels better. You'll just irritate the injury.

    Oh, and don't get into fights in bars, you always lose.
    Now in pain, only working out the walking sticks.

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    Didn't we just have a conversation about whether you'd be able to workout with a broken thumb? Kinda weird. Anyways, freeze the damn thing to hell for now, and get it checked out if it's still hurting later. Who knows, a cast on it might help you grip the weight better.


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