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Thread: This year's must have xmas gift

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    umm, is that in German or something?

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    haha i have no idea what that says! but it looks like a boat! or submarine.. or.. something.. lol
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    that's not-a my boat!
    that's a-you boat!


    I kill me

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    ahh Dammit! I just posted something yesterday about wanting to go down to the harbour and take a picture of Canada's four nuclear subs and post it on eBay! Guess someone beat me to it :-( Not that they work anyway, theres the ones the retards at DND bought from the Birtish navy without testing them, or even seeing them for that matter, turns out they're not even seaworthy!!
    Let me get this straight...
    You get play from the girl of your dreams
    PR Shoulder Press using the 3 digit dumbells
    Hit up some fun with the guys
    Then get more play
    (all in one afternoon/evening I might add.. S)
    You are a success my friend . Share your secrets. (Crippy)

    rookiebldr says:
    As for the weight gain, that too shouldn't be a problem, just tell them your leaning out. Then flex your bi and tell them to ****ing get lost.
    Shane says:
    yeah or throw something at them
    rookiebldr says:
    like a couple of 45's


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