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    to PowermanDL

    I need some help. I need someone to totally flip out and kill some things but I can't do this myself. There are some hippos at the Toledo Zoo who I thought could put me in touch with a ninja, but the zookeepers kept me away from them because they know and fear thier power. I need someone fast, smooth, cool, strong, powerful, and sweet.

    If you had to go totally insane while being sweet, this would not be a problem. Thanks for your time.

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    The trick to being a ninja is to be totally insane AND sweet.

    Zookeepers won't let you see your hippo brothers? Chop off their heads. Then fly into the zoo.

    Then none can stand in your way.

    BTW, I watched Lord of the Rings last night, and I think Sauron is a ninja. He used a hooligan tool at the beginning, before that pirate Isildur cut his cool ninja ring off.
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    First Santa. Now Sauron. Anyone else?
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    Santa has to be a ninja...its in the book...but i disagree with my brother matt...sauron is anti-ace...the ring is like a teh coolness of the sword he wields is outshadowed by teh suckness of the he's a pirate.
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