So, who's into tools?

I recently got a DeWalt 14.4V XRP heavy duty drill, which turned out to be a complete piece of **** because of the 3 speed transmission that is flawed and breaks down days after use, so I lost all of my trust in the DeWalt cordless drills, I wish they'd bring back the older models.

People need something durable, not a fragile POS.

I returned it and got me a brute tough 18 volt Bosch drill that's coming in the mail. That sucker has been tested to withstand 46 feet high falls onto concrete, and has a 3 year warranty.

Can you guess what I'm going to do first when I get it?

Oh, and having 500lb of torque helps too.

Next on my list is a DeWalt 4.5" grinder, DeWalt single tank 3HP compressor, couple air tools, welder, and a torch to cut up thick metal... I'm getting a pickup truck in the somewhat-near future, and plan on doing a lot of work on it myself.

So.. anyone else have a list ?