Well,starting a journalIm a 15 yr old high school student in the uk.Started benching and curling a couple of months ago but never got anywhere really.Starting wbb routine 2 as my 1st routine.seems like a good one.you can see it on the main page in the training articles.
Will try to add a pic some time soon so you can see my progress.

My goal is to add 3 or 4" to my arms in 2 years.I want to join the royal marines or become a civil engineer.

Well,today.Got up and had no breakfast.went on my paperound.had to rush to school for my exams.i ate quite a few snacks on the way there,to boost my energy levels.Came home at break and ate a full french stick with 500g of hame,loads of lettuce and tomatoes.then drank 500ml of milk.Came home and ate more salad,then started 1st day of wbb routine 2.i hope to do this for 10 weeks.i finished the routine apart from flyes.i dropped the weight on my toe and busted it open,so i stopped.im normally use to training with low reps,between 2-4.but the routine is 9-11,so i had to drop some weight,which disappointed me abit.apart from that,it felt great.im currently eating sugar puffs,but had chips,steak and kidney pie and peas before.also have some milk before i go bed.hope to get 7 hours sleep 2nite,but i aint sleepin that well this week.talk 2 you lot tomoz!