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    Okay, I was reading my a few books I had lying around, and I had a question for y'all out there who love to argue.

    *looks at Maki, cack, chris, and powerman*

    The question there a difference between the "powerlifter" and the "bodybuilder" squat, in terms of mechanics and muscle stimulation?

    ----By these terms, I'm referring to a wider-stance, toes slightly further out position as the PL squat, whereas the BB squat has a more upright back, closer stance, etc. (I realize these are generalities...but that was the way one author explained it. It was either Poliquin or Hatfield....)

    Anyway, I do find I can use a bit more weight in the "PL" squat.... I try to keep my squatting almost ATF, with closer stance, etc., but my max for reps there is a rather sad 225. However, with a much wider stance, I can do around 265. I realize a certain amount of this is range of motion, but I'm wondering:

    Are the muscles worked differently in each type of squat? Which involves more quad/glute/hamstring/lower back, etc..... Or are they fairly similar in those respects? Is there a distinct advantage to one in terms of overall leg training? Or is it a matter of body shape and personal preference?

    Thanks, guys.
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