I understand that when someone is Cutting after a Bulking session, he/she should not cut down his calories too quickly by a huge amount. So please help me see whether will I follow this 'mistake'

Before bulking I'm at 155lbs, and my goal is to pack on 10 kg, and reach about 176 lbs. Therefore my daily calories intake is AT LEAST 3000, with 2800 at minimum when Bulking.

After reaching 176 lbs, I will be slashing off around 5 kg (10-12) lbs of ugly BF, and I'll be consuming around 2200-2300 calories everyday when Cutting. Will that be too little calories? Not to mention I'll be doing cardio 3 times a week. So should I increase my calories intake when Cutting? If I should, can you please give me a good amount? Thanks.