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Thread: tricep exercises

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    Damn, everyone is so sensitive on the first page of this thread. I sense an abundance of tampons here.

    I couldn't use more than 35 lbs for dumbell kickbacks with decent form. I don't like that movement.

    I don't know, but the "tate press" looks like it could place some excessive stress on the elbow joint.

    My favorite tricep exercise: skull crushers on a decline bench. Keep your upper arms COMPLETELY stationary(perpendicular to the floor) - only your lower arm should be moving. I just started doing these a couple months ago, and they're definitely my favorite now. I like barbell extensions on the incline bench too - these put your upper arm in a position between an overhead extension and a skull crusher.

    I consider both of these movements to be very comfortable/natural movements and very effective.
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    I agree, variations of the skullcrusher are the best. Tate Press runs a very close second, in my opinion.


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