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Thread: Bringing squats to only 45 degrees

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    my dad had a knee operation and was asking about leg work and if he could still do squats etc. The doctor told him that he could still squat, since you only have to bring yourself down to a 45 degree angle, and not not the full 90 degrees parallel that my dad was thinking you had to. This seems to counter everything I've ever heard about squats....comments, suggestions? Discuss.

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    Well, when you have a knee operation, it's going to change things quite a bit. You need to go the 90 degrees to get the full benefit, but 45 degrees is better than nothing at all. If he has a knee injury, I'd listen to the doc or visit a therapist to see what can be done. But for goodness sakes don't let him reinjure it. A healthy knee can go 90 degrees and beyond, though. Only a screwed up knee will have problems. (Plus, 90% of docs don't have a damned clue about weightlifting.)

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    Does anyone actually find it HARDER on the knees going half paralell ?

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    i've heard that going parallel strengthens the muscles around the knees, which therefore is supposed to strengthen knees, but doing 45 degree squats might make the quads unporportional to the muscles near teh knee, which can cause pain. but i'm not a doctor... yet, but a lot of doctors don't know about lifting bc it's not their specialty. however, the doctor's advice is best, cuz if he's wrong... lawsuit!
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    I'd really like to know how this muscle around the knee is called Podium. What's its name?
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    If your dad just started his rehab, 45 degree squats might be the first step.

    I was limited to 45 degrees for a few months after my knee injury...don't want to do too much too soon and set back the recovery. I'd check with the physical therapist, esp if you can find one that works w/athletes.

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