I'm having a weird problem with Windows Media Player.At least when I tried earlier I can't play d/l AVIs from kazaa for which Media Player is the default player.When I play them I get sound & instead of video I get a display of colours.This problem is recent I played an AVI movie a few days ago and it worked fine

And to make it more fustrating I can play d/l WMV clips and there's no problem,I can go to Yahoo Movies and play the various movie trailers and clips with no problem.

And yes I have tried making Real Player the default AVI player,the Windows Media Player I have installed is 7.1 which is the best I can install on my Windows OS.And I also have the most recent DivX Codec from divx.com(5.02).I have the feeling that this is one of those times that a computer program acts up for no apparent reason Anyway I'm getting ready for sleep soon so please float around suggestions