Alright my friends and I were discussing the possiblity of time travel and what the implications would be. I have some questions for those who are interested in the science and philosophy of it. I always find discussions on Time travel, paradoxes, multi-dimensions extremely fascinating.

1. Is it realisticaly possible for humans to travel in time? Would we be able to survive the travel?

2. Does Time actualy exist, or is it something that humans created for themselves? Some say there is no past or future only now so there is no time to travel.

3. If we could travel in time would it be in the same Time plane, or a seperate Plane? Would be able to say go back and kill hitler and change the present, or would it only change the future of that existing time plane. If say we were to kill go back and Kill our mother would we instantly disappear? What would happen if you met yourself in the future or past, would you really disrupt Time( like back to the future).