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    Cuban Testosterone

    Welcome to my new journal, Cuban Test. This is a New Year (2003) and I am more determined then EVER to get HUGE. Last year did not let me down, I am happy at the gains which were attained in 2002. This will be my ultimate journal for the year 2003, Yes, I plan to keep this puppy for one full year. I only plan to keep this journal for myself and to motivate me, since I don¡¦t talk about bb with any of my friends, this is the best way to interact with other people that share the same interest as me.

    - I am still deciding on which goals I will set for myself this upcoming year. I do plan to set shorter-term goals, in both, dieting and lifting.

    Keep on an eye for a more detailed photo section. Well, I plan to take pictures, more of them, to keep an eye on everything. I will take pictures at the gym lifting whenever I break a new record. This is still on the air, because, I have many friends that lift at my gym, (which I got into lifting) well they go at different times then me. Plus, I wont like to be showing off every week taking pictures. I will however, try to get any training pictures whenever I can that is for sure.

    Detailed overview of my supplement stack. This is something I have not been doing much lately.

    Tighter Dieting! This is has to be my number one priority. I have to tighten those holes that I have on my diet. Like, waking up in the middle of the night and eat. Also, the weekends are just too crazy when on KETO.

    Year 2003¡¦s Goals
    Lose Bitch Tits
    Get that 6 pack
    Get down to 175-180lb Ripped
    Hack Squat 450lbs „³ Current „³ 360lb
    Squat 405lb „³ Current „³ 315-325lb

    The more of these goals that are achieved/accomplished before I turn 16, the higher the compensation I give myself. (ex. Go in more dates. ect..)

    Cuban Testosterone

    CUTTING JOURNAL : w/ pictures + diet
    *Short-Term: Get totally ripped, lose bitch tits, cut guads, and get 6 pack.
    *Mid-Term: Become the biggest senior 2004 mhs.
    *Long Term: 200-220lb with 6% BF! BRING ON THE WAR...!!!


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