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Thread: Should I change routing to push pull ?

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    Should I change routine to push pull ?

    I've been super busy and I haven't had time to really take care of diet/workout/body blah
    Anyway, I'm back at it.... and after reading Monstar's new journal, it got me thinking of changing my routine to push/pull/legs.

    I currently workout 3 times a week.
    Mon: Chest/Biceps
    Wed: Legs/Back
    Sat: Shoulders/Triceps

    If I were to change to to push/pull, I'd do

    Mon: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps (problem with this combo because basically tris are being hit three times ? )

    Wed: Legs

    Fri: Back/Bis (bis are being hit twice ?)

    What is your suggestion ?
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    The push/pull/leg routine is very popular. The tris' and bi's are not being hit three times and two times repsectively. I'm sure you're referring to comments on here that you've seen people say, oh, you're hitting your tri's twice or three times etc. This is meant in reference to how many time per week you hit them. Doing those excercises won't hit your tris or bi's more than once, so don't worry about it. Just make sure you do the large muscle group before the small one in your workout. It's a good routine, go for it!
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    I used push, pull, legs for over a year. I got some most results in size than strength. Your Bis and Tris are only worked one day a week which will give them sufficient time to recover.
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