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Thread: Only Wo Sat & Sun

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    If could only Wo Sat & Sun

    I am looking a taking a job out of town, and would be home on the weekends until I finnally moved. Hopefully I can find a gym up there or move my stuff right away. If not or for a few weeks I might wo on sat and sunday.
    I was thinking one day bench, DL, bent rows and the other squat. I would add in arms on first day when time and energy was there. My thinking is I'll be hitting as many muscle as possible. I know this is a bit much for the back, but I'll have all week to recover. I also now its not a great schedule, but you got to make due. Maybe be able to throw in some calves off stairs or chins during week. Just wondering what you thought or advice. Would this be a bad time to cut? Lose to much muscle? Thanks.
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    Your missing way to many parts with that, try maybe...
    squats, sldls, calf raise, row
    CG bench, curl, OH press, Db press

    You'd be better off working each part less than some lots and other none. I.E. Do 2 sets of what I said instead of 3 of yours (if your pressed for time that is)
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    You can work the whole body with just three exercises. Squats, Deadlifts and Dips. Or you could do Squats, Chins and Dips.


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