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Thread: lower back pain

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    lower back pain

    This is my first post and I am new to this board, however, I have been reading the contents for quite some time.

    I'm writing because I just got injured lifting today. I went to lift a barbell to do upright rows, and during the positive of my first rep, I hurt my lower back.

    This first happened to a lesser degree last spring when I was powercleaning. This is but the second time that this has happened, but it is a sharp pain in my lower back concentrated in the lower area.

    Any ideas on how to quell the pain and what might have caused it (I used to lift with horrible form)?

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    Pulled muscle, strained muscle, pinched nerve? Ibuprofen (sp? i.e. Advil) for inflammation, ice for the first 48 hours and then heat after that if the swelling has gone down (if there is any). A nice heating pad always helps me. Now I ain't a doc, and this is just what I would do. If it persists for too long go see a doc. It may be something more serious.
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    Thanks for the advice. I've been training for the past two years and this is the sole injury I've sustained, so I was a little scared. I did take some Advil and I iced it for a couple hours. Being the stupid self that I am, I ran up the stairs two steps at a time and felt the the wrath of the injury again, crumbling my legs.

    Anyway, I'll wait a couple of weeks. If it doesn't get better, then make the dreaded trip to the doctors.

    Thanks again.


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