I am currently working out with a good friend of mine. We are doing a PUSH, PULL, LEGS/abs split, one session every week. Usually we lift at around 6:45PM, Monday – Thursday (3 of those days). We want to start doing some aerobic work – the plan is to start off slow: jog a mile at a moderate pace, 1-2 times per week. Then work our way up and if all goes well start to do some HIIT in a couple of months.

The problem is our schedules; we both have totally different hours that we work. So the only time really is 5:30 PM and later Monday – Thursday. Now it is time for the questions:

I really don’t think cardio would be good before we workout, personally I don’t think I would like it and prefer to do it afterwards…..so is there any particular session (Push, Pull, Legs) that would be best to do the cardio work?

Would there be any benefits or setbacks doing cardio directly after legs? Im scared it will hinder strength gains….should I be concerned?