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Thread: Cuban Teen Bodybuilder.

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    Cuban Teen Bodybuilder.

    Here we, I though It was time to get some feed back. I have been cutting for about 2 months now, almost 3. I re-started to get into hardcore keto this week. I am looking for some feedback.

    -WAS 210-215lb
    -NOW 195lb
    -5'7-5'8 around there. I wont grow anymore! I am taller then my mom and dad.
    -all natural (heh)
    -Lifting for: 1 year 8-9 months now
    - 16 (17 in april 03")
    - Measurements? Dunno..

    I want to say that, I have some balls to post my chest picture. As you all might now, I have (gyno?? spelling plz). And well its tough posting your chest pic, in front of soo many people. Heck not many people have balls to post pics of themselves.

    All of the pictures are before and after, with the dates provided.

    You can always check my journal at :
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