I have been traveling for the last couple of months. I am just getting back together with a couple of buddies who I work out with every time I get back to the Twin Cities. I have been trying to get them interested in some new routines. thought I would ask if anyone has any advice on what a good new routine would be.

Here is our current routine.

3 times a week alternating between push and pull exersizes.

Push Day
Incline 3X10
Decline 3X10
Flat Bench 3X10
Cable Crossovers 3X10

Nosebreakers 3X10

Military Press 3X10

Pull Day
Pulldown 3X10
High Rows 3X10
Low Rows 3X10
Curls 3X10

Abs Misc Exersizes Each Time
Cardio 30 Min Each time

With a few of us 10 rep work is about the only way we have worked out, with an average number of months working out being around 12 months for the group.
There is no leg work. We are planning on adding leg work. I have been having some back issues and knee problems(Torn PCL), so I have been staying away from deep squats.

What programs and routines would other people recommend.