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Thread: 2003: A Westside Odyssey

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    2003: A Westside Odyssey

    Well, I'm bored here at work on the day after Christmas and I figure this is as good a time as any to start my Westside journal *gets fired for surfing the Internet all day*...jk. I have started doing this routine by Bob Youngs. It looks like it will be a great footstep into the Westside realm for me. I love the allowance for variation within the boundaries of Westside, and I feel that this routine could do anything but get stale! I am also hoping that Westside, with it's focus on the posterior chain, will help me out with some of the back problems I have had in the fairly recent past. Although my back does feel pretty good at the moment.

    I have really been leaning towards strength in lieu of size for a few months now as I am realizing that if I eat enough, the size will come. For the first time in my life I have been successful in putting on weight...not only that, it's been pretty clean weight. I'm up to ~190 and probably near 13% or 14% bf. I can see abs anyway .

    I don't have the record of my last (first Westside) workout here with me, so I'll have to update later. Even after some rough sleeping not so great eating and A LOT of driving over the last couple days, I do not feel at all fatigued, so I think it'll be Westside workout #2 tonight. ME bench press day.

    Layout for this journal will probably be quite similar to my last one, as I thought that worked well. I might spice it up a bit...I'll see what I have the time and motivation for

    Hopefully, I will soon be able to post some pics so you guys can see who the heck you've been "talking" to!

    I guess that's it (unless I think of something to add later on )



    EDIT: to add a parenthesis (yeah, I'm never anal about anything )
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