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Thread: New here...

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    New here...


    Just thought I'd introduce myself instead of posting all over the place!

    Age: 28
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 215lbs (more on this in a second)
    City: Montreal
    Currently: San Antonio

    I started lifting weights back in '92 but I'm far from buff! Since I started, I haven't been able to work out consistently because of various reasons, mainly because I've either moved a lot, or because of weird work hours.

    Over the past year I had my mind set on joining the Canadian military but I needed to drop a lot of weight before I could even sign up. I was at 272lbs, so I really had to work my ass off. I started off doing mainly weights, with a bit of cardio. That went well, but not as well as I thought. Since my ultimate goal was to lose lots of fat, I ditched the weights for a while and focused on doing the exercises recommended by the military.

    So for a few months I jogged almost every morning, did pushups and situps (even though crunches are much better). Anyway, I ended up losing a lot of weight and got down to 215lbs.

    I didn't get accepted into the military (it's a long story, but basically they're being very picky about who they choose 'cause they don't have enough funding to accept everyone). I relocated to Texas and since I've been here (about a month) I've been in a sort of depression, eat junk food and not really working out.

    I'm hoping some of you guys can give me a kick in the ass along with a tall drink of motivation! I know I've put on a few pounds since I got here, I have my mind set on starting up a new training program tomorrow.

    Anyway, glad to be here, I'm hoping to get some valuable info!

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    *kicks Fade in the ass*
    *hands Fade a tall glass of mean motivation *

    Post your routine, diet, etc in the appropriate forum and we can help you out with it. Also try starting a journal, it may help keep you in line tuttut

    EDIT: Congrats on the weight you have lost so far!
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    good get in that gym and lift those weights...find a partner, someone at your level, maybe that will help.

    and btw welcome to the boards
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    Bonjour Fade....comment ca va?
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    c'est francais

    i mean
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    Welcome to the board!!

    Remember...Only you can guarantee your success!!
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    Welcome aboard bro!
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    Thanks, nice motivation so far. Once I get back into the groove of things I'll post up my routine I guess.

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    Oi! Welcome to the board.

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    Welcome to WBB. In my oppinion, this is the most informative body building site on the net.

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    do you have friends there fade? (in SA)

    anyways, welcome to the boards. hopefully we can help raise your blanket of depression.

    i'll still ahve to poke you with my stick tho.
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    Welcome Fade. Don't fret about the few pounds. San Antonio will do that to you. Damn that Mexican food. Anyway, I'm in SA to. There's a few of us on the boards. Are you doing military training at Fort Sam?

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    Hello Welcome
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    No I don't really have any friends down here. I know people from places I used to work at, but that's about it.

    And yes, that damn mexican food is just too good to pass up.

    I'm not doing any military training here, what I mentioned was the Canadian military. I'm thinking of trying to join up here, actually one of the recruiting offices is a block away from my apartment!

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    Welcome to board Fade. I now know how our Military maintains it's small size. Anyway, you will find lots of motivation on the board and help as you progress if you need it.

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