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    Iím on an enforced break right now so Iíve been thinking a lot about what I am going to do when I get back into the gym.

    One thing in particular is that, recently, Iíve been much stronger on my right side than my left. This is the case for arms, legs and chest. When I am doing bench presses, Iíve been told that there is a distinct slope to the bar by the time I finish my set (I donít notice it much myself).

    I know most people are asymmetric so Iím not too worried but Iíve been thinking that the problem will only get worse.

    For example, if I am doing bicep curls with dumbbells and I can do only 6 with my left arm, then I can do 7 or 8 with my right, my right is getting a better workout than the left and will get even stronger.

    The obvious answer seems to be that I should use a barbell (where possible), but then my left arm fails before my right. Should I just leave it that way until my left arm catches up?

    Any thoughts?

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    actually using a Barbell will only allow your right side to keep compensating I would think......

    why not stick with the dumbbells till the one side gets up to speed......

    My left arm was weaker then my right arm when i first started training. it was most noticeable with bicep what I did was train each arm with the same reps and sets, but when i was done with the usual sets, I did a drop set to to my left arm, and did a quick burnout.

    of course now my left arm is just a tidge stronger then my right.....(maybe 1-2 reps stronger), but it worked for me....
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    Antone ever get deja-vu? This question sounds familiar.

    I think, if you are doing single arm exercises, you should do the weaker side first and then just match reps with the stronger side. Another argument would be to do the strong side first and do whatever it takes to get the same reps with the weaker side_i.e. forced reps or rest/pause).

    Otherwise, don't sweat it. It's prolly not as noticable as you think.
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    Hehe, this sounds a lot like my post a while back


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