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Thread: soreness and length of recovery period

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    soreness and length of recovery period

    sorry if this has been asked before --couldn't find an answer through search on forums.

    after weightlifting for the first time in a couple years, i became very, very, very sore. my arms shook a little when i raised them in the shower for days afterward. the soreness stayed that way for close to a week. i want to try again, but am unsure about soreness and length of recovery.

    for a beginner is it fair to wait until you no longer feel sore at all, or should i just grit my teeth and go two-three times a week and hope that the duration of soreness postworkout shortens as time goes on?

    in other words, can one be sufficiently recovered and still feel sore, or is soreness a sign that you haven't yet recovered? thanks!

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    I train my muscles while sore, and haven't had any problems with mucle gains, like most that use HST.

    Here's a interesting read.

    Nosaka K, Clarkson PM.

    Department of Science, Yokohama City University, Japan.

    This study was designed to test the hypothesis that performing repeated bouts of eccentric exercise when muscles were not recovered from previous exercise would exacerbate muscle damage. Twelve nonweight-trained males (21.7 +/- 2.4 yr) performed three sets of 10 eccentric actions of the elbow flexors (ECC) using a dumbbell that was set at 80% of the preexercise maximal isometric force level. This same exercise was repeated 3 and 6 d after the first exercise. Maximal isometric force, relaxed and flexed elbow joint angle, muscle soreness, plasma creatine kinase, and glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase activities were assessed. Ultrasound images were taken from the upper arm. These measures (except soreness) were assessed immediately before and after each eccentric exercise bout (ECC1, ECC2, and ECC3) and 3 d after ECC3. Soreness was assessed prior to ECC1 and once a day for 9 d thereafter. All criterion measures changed significantly (P < 0.01) after ECC1. ECC2 and ECC3 performed 3 and 6 d after ECC1 did not exacerbate damage and did not appear to slow the recovery rate. Increased echointensity in ultrasound images was demonstrated following ECC1, but no indication of increased damage was found after ECC2 and ECC3. Strenuous exercise performed with "damaged" muscles did not exacerbate damage or affect the repair process.

    PMID: 8531624 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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    If your sore for a week I would cut down on the amout you do and build up. Recondition yourself. If your sore that long you could risk injury, not mention no fun, and will discourae you from lifting again. Might be simply doing to much.


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