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Thread: Realistic Goal-Setting.

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    Realistic Goal-Setting.


    Iíve been training now for about 3 months, following a layoff of about a year; before that year off Iíd trained a little, but never really seriously (I was mainly lifting weights to help with other sports).

    Iím now wanting to focus on the weights, and put on a fair bit of size. Iíve spent this last three months (re)learning good form, and gradually getting used to lifting again. Iím now at the point where I feel able to work hard every time I train, and feel ready to set some definite goals and targets.

    A bit of info about me: Iím 27 years old, 6í 3Ē, and currently weigh about 205lbs with approx. 16% body-fat. Iím lifting twice a week, focusing on doing the big exercises once per week each (squats, deadlifts or SLDLís, bench, rows or chins, overhead presses, curls etc.) As I say Iíve only really been lifting for about 3 months, and am making steady progress.

    Anyway, Iím wondering Ė is it realistic to want to get to about 225lbs at say 10-12% bf by summer 2004? Thatís a gain of roughly 28lbs of lean mass, and a loss of around 10lbs of fat. I know the fat loss is definitely achievable, but is that amount of muscle a realistic target for 18 months of work, or am I aiming too high? I prefer working towards definite goals rather than just saying ďI want to get biggerĒ, but obviously I need goals which are challenging but attainable.

    Any advice or comments would be welcome . Thanks in advance.

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    I don't know, that's alot of muscle to build, 18 months for 28lbs... If your diet, training, and recovery, supps, ect are dead on you could do it! But trying to gain that much lean mass while losing BF% would be pretty tough. I'd give yourself 2 years. It will take tons of hard work and focus, but it will be worth it!


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