Iíve been training now for about 3 months, following a layoff of about a year; before that year off Iíd trained a little, but never really seriously (I was mainly lifting weights to help with other sports).

Iím now wanting to focus on the weights, and put on a fair bit of size. Iíve spent this last three months (re)learning good form, and gradually getting used to lifting again. Iím now at the point where I feel able to work hard every time I train, and feel ready to set some definite goals and targets.

A bit of info about me: Iím 27 years old, 6í 3Ē, and currently weigh about 205lbs with approx. 16% body-fat. Iím lifting twice a week, focusing on doing the big exercises once per week each (squats, deadlifts or SLDLís, bench, rows or chins, overhead presses, curls etc.) As I say Iíve only really been lifting for about 3 months, and am making steady progress.

Anyway, Iím wondering Ė is it realistic to want to get to about 225lbs at say 10-12% bf by summer 2004? Thatís a gain of roughly 28lbs of lean mass, and a loss of around 10lbs of fat. I know the fat loss is definitely achievable, but is that amount of muscle a realistic target for 18 months of work, or am I aiming too high? I prefer working towards definite goals rather than just saying ďI want to get biggerĒ, but obviously I need goals which are challenging but attainable.

Any advice or comments would be welcome . Thanks in advance.