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Thread: Attacking Iraq

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    Attacking Iraq

    Basically, youre attacking Iraq because they MIGHT have weapons of mass destruction and they MIGHT use them in the future. apparently thats reason to invade a country.

    the usa HAS weapons of mass destruction and HAS used them several times

    (nagasaki, hiroshima, remember that time the afghans fled by the millions to pakistan and you guys dropped a daisy cutter on their ass on their way out, as they were FLEEING?)

    Saddam Hussein has been demonised for ever but i have never been able to spot an american or european media source giving him a chance to say even a single word. Ive heard about all the gruesome things he did but that only makes me more curious why.

    Remember in Chile when they had democratic elections and somebody won who wouldn`t toss over all their natural resources to the usa for nothing and help the starving people instead?
    I`m talking Nixons time here.
    Kissinger had it all figured out.
    the CIA infiltrated state instances bribing chile people.
    the highest man in the army (Steiner) was faithful to the people of chile and would not let himself be bribed. on the way to a meeting the road was blocked, he had to take a detour over a smaller road, he was stopped and liquidated. the new leader was bribed and fought a military coup overthrowing the democratic leader that did not suit the usa.
    then of all hypocrisy, they act like Pinochet is so evil and so nasty, while he was the usas man in chile

    the same thing happened in many countries.
    libya, Zaire, argentina, saudi arabia.

    its modern day colonialism. at least as violent as the old kind, with a solid dose of hypocrisy to it. Videla the war criminal...

    Iraq is next I suppose.

    The EU is no better and plays it all together with the USA.
    Why why cant we just burst all this **** open and just admit were keeping the second and third world on their backs working for us to sit back and who makes these decisions. are they even made, or do they happen?
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