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Thread: A question...about my trainer.

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    A question...about my trainer.

    My wife got me 3 sessions with a personal trainer for my birthday. I just wanted someone to get me started on a good routine then I planed on seeing him about once a month or so. Anyway he asked me what I wanted to accomplish. My reply was "lose fat and bulk up". I explained I don't want to be massive (I don't think my body would even let me) I just want a good build. I'm fairly thin but have gained a little fat around the waist. Anyway he's telling me I need to do things like push ups, Hindu squats, crunches etc. before I start lifting weights. Is this true? I'm fine with it and all I just want to know he's aiming me in the right direction.

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    Are you athletic? Do you participate in any sports/fitness activities? The trainer MAY be suggesting this to 'ease you' into the workouts, as you're less apt to hurt yourself doing such movements and it may help limber you up.

    With proper supervision and training, however, IMHO there's no reason not to jump right into moving some iron.


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