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Thread: Your Sumo compared to your normal dead

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    I use this thread to ask a question: Is there anybody here who deadlift with a trap bar (diamond-shaped bar)?

    Because I've never deadlifted with a normal bar (well, twice or thrice, with very light weigth when I was learning the movement), and I'd like to compare how much someone can lift with the trap bar with how much using a normal bar.

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    i have never tried sumo but i will.

    Blitz doesn`t have the bar moving in a straight line and his torso is too inclined at one point. I think he needs to try setting the bar up closer to his shins... just a thought

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    We use the trap bar when we lift, but I've never used a regular bar, so I don't know what kind of relationship there is.

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    Trap bar allows for a significantly greater lift in my opinion.

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    Originally posted by dkliewer
    What makes someones Sumo lower than their conventional? Would it be strength or would it be how they are built?
    Its a mix of mechanics and strenght imbalances. For me doing sumo's is alot harder then conventional deads because i have very short arms so when i do sumo's my hands are rubbing with my thighs all the way to lockout
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    I'm just like that too. My arms are short compared to my legs. I bet that is why my Sumo is lower than my coventional. I really like the Sumo's though, so I'm gonna keep doing them
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    I agree chris. They have "meets" where curling is an event, and trap bars are used for the deads. 600lb lifts are common at them.
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    My SUmo

    Getting a feel for these, working on form etc.
    I used 25s so the ROM feels a lot like a parallel squat, hmm kinda BOX Squat like! Damn hams, especially near the glutes, glutes, abdductors, even my quads were really pumping up from these, lower back not as much as conventional. I really like how these feel, I think I may have found the posterior chain strength movement of choice! For my body type - shorts , long thighs, this is a better way to go than conventional.

    Still trying to decide on 2 stance widths, closer in or feet out on outer rings. Best thing is that I don't need to scrape my shins with this move unlike conventional!

    Here is a Clip of my Sumo Deadlift Form - 3 sets from different angles.

    3.6megs - Right click on link and save before viewing thanks

    I may try a slightly narrower stance, felt a little bit more solid with the set I did with a 6 inch reduction in stance width.
    Feel free to comment


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