I just got done reading an article on Stan in the most current issue of Musclemag. As I was reading, I was struck with a few thoughts. Most notable among these is that I think he may be this generation's Mike Ashley. In other words, a guy who claims to be all natural, and who is, simultaneously, a highly competitive bodybuilder at a high level (in untested shows). Mike Ashley even won the Arnold Classic. I always felt there is no way that a guy who is clean is going to defeat the walking pharmacies. If that were the case, the efficacy of steroids and other drugs would certainly fall into question. I do know that steroids work very well, thus making it implausible to me that a clean guy is going to smoke a doped guy in a physique competition (assuming they are both high level competitors).

Stan is 5'7" tall per the article I mentioned. Now, if I am not mistaken, I believe Stan just took the middleweight class at last year's USA championships (a national level show). That would mean that literally every athlete he defeated was using drugs. I just don't buy it. He claims to not be as big as the other athletes, yet 5'7" is not particularly tall for the middleweight class. You have to remember that when these guys are actually onstage, they are usually 5-15 lbs heavier than their weigh in.

In the same article, he stated that he plans to compete in the 03 Nationals at 185 lbs, as a light heavyweight! Now, I don't care how good his genetics are, you are not going to convince me that a 5'7" guy is going to get as shredded as it takes to compete at the national level, and still weigh 185 lbs. That is almost as ridiculous as the contention that Flex Wheeler was natural for the 02 Olympia.

Yes, Flex and his sponsor, Ultimate Nutrition, claim that he was natural for the 02 Olympia. Bullsh!T! Here is where it gets interesting. I can believe that he tested clean for the show. I can believe that he used a drug that quickly clears out of the system, and that he ceased use with enough time to spare in order to test clean. You see, I know something about Flex many of you don't. I saw Flex compete as a light heavyweight about 10 years ago at the North American Championships. Flex was using drugs then, just as he does now. Guys don't add 20lbs of lean muscle to an already drug induced physique, naturally. It just doesn't work that way. Better yet, guys don't get close to their best drug induced state, naturally. In other words, Flex competed in the Olympia in a condition that was very near to his best ever. His size was there for the most part. His legs were down a tad, and he was a bit smoother overall, but he was darn close to top form. The kind of close you would have if you got into top drug induced form, then backed off of the drugs in time to test clean. His condition reminded me of some of the athletes the year that the IFBB decided to drug test the Olympia. Most still looked quite good, just a bit smaller and smoother.

This is the whole joke of the industry. Guys who run around b.s.ing the public. It is sad. It is the product of stupid laws, and even stupider egos. It is also the product of greed.