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Thread: Pull-ups

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    Was wondering what is the best exercise to train for doing Pull-ups

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    Pull ups are. Even if you can only do 1 or 2, do those 1 or two, then wait 20 seconds, and do another 1 or 2.. keep doing that till you get to ten.

    After that, pull downs, rows, and whatever curl you happen to prefer. Main muscle groups use are lats and bis, so if your stronger in those, then you should be able to do more pullups.

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    pull ups.

    the best exercsie for being good at that exercsie is the exercise you want to be good at.
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    You might try to find an assisted pull-up / chin-up machine.

    Or start working on Lat Pulldowns.

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    What can also help is doing pull ups with a bench beneath you set up so you can help with your feet when you can't do anymore unassisted. Do a slow negative when you get to this point.
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    Listen man, if you can only do 1 or 2 pullups, then buy a dipping belt and do negative, weighted pullups. Make pullups your number 1 focus and do them twice a week. So twice a week, you will do neg, weighted pullups. If you have a training partner get him to push you back up when you can't hold yourself up anymore and keep doing this for 12 reps. That will be 1 set. Do 3 or 4 sets of this . Then go over to the lat pulldown machine and do 1/4 reps with as much weight as possible, eg, alot more than your bodyweight. Do 3 sets of as many 1/4 reps you can do and make sure you pull down as far as you can pull. And go to utter failure. Make sure you do atleast 12 1/4 reps. if you can do more, add on the weight. Do these and your pullups with a wide grip. Then go over and do close grip pullups for 3 sets. just your bodyweight, no added weight. and reps out as many full reps as possible. Do it twice a week for a month, then go back and try to do those 3 exercises with just your bodyweight to see how much stronger you are. Hope this helps,


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    Another idea if you are 'pullup impaired' is to superset pullups with lat pulldowns. If you can only do 1 pullup then do that pullup and immediately go do a set of lat pulldowns for 5-6 reps. Then rest and repeat for a few sets. But it's true that the best exercise to get you better at doing pullups is pullups themselves.
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