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Thread: slim fast weight loss shakes

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    slim fast weight loss shakes

    okay, i have these Kirkland signature "weight loss shake"'s at home that my mom bought for herself.

    i'm trying to bulk (keep reading) and i'm planning on drinking post-work out shakes after i do some research on which one would be good. but my main question is:

    is there anything in these weight loss shakes that cause you to lose weight...or is it just supposed to be a shake with vitamins and minerals (so it acts like a full meal)?

    cuz...i know you're supposed to replace meals with these things - if you want to LOSE weight - but what if i wanted to gain weight? could i just drink these during the day (or maybe just save one for after each workout) and use that to help me gain weight?

    and yes...i do know the main way to bulk is to eat eat eat! i'm already doing that. all opinions appreciated, thanks in advance!

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    Yeah I would think that it would be a way to get in some extra cals after a whole food meal, but I would just eat some calorically dense foods like nuts, seeds, pb, etc which would probably have more nutritional benefits.

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    There's nothing magical about them. The staple of slim fast shakes is drink 2 of their shakes and eat a healthy dinner. That's it.

    So, if you total up the calories, you get a serious calorie deficit; thus, weight loss.
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    IMO they suck, how can a diet product have sugar as one of their main ingredients??

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    You could probably do better with a meal replacement powder instead of slim fast. Slim fast is basically just a milk shake that's been fortified. It's a whole lot of sugar which isn't really helping you out much, other than with the taste. Like the others said, it is just lower in calories than a big meal.
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    I take Slim Fast as sometimes when I'm town and I'm on the verge of missing a meal, I stop at an AM/PM and get one. That's it and I'll eat as soon as I get home. I just want extra Calories.
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    nothing wrong with that, but i like ELPIETROs idea about getting an MRP better

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    People who rely on those shakes must have tremdous willpowers, because everytime I have one similar I get even hungrier than I was.

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    Originally posted by AJ_11
    People who rely on those shakes must have tremdous willpowers, because everytime I have one similar I get even hungrier than I was.
    Ahhh, a fellow carbohydrate addict. I know that when I start on anything with a high glycemic index, I immediately want to eat more & more. That's why I do my best (I'm not very good at it) to avoid sugars, flour, or wheat. Barley is the shiznit!

    MRPs are better than Slim-Fast, btw.


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