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Thread: how much sugar

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    how much sugar

    hey guys ...

    gotta quick question, Im not sure of where to good amount/ bad amount line is on sugar intake ...

    anyway, im 5 10, 186lbs and am doing a slight cutting phase. Am doing good on protein, ect. Im just not sure on how much sugar is good or bad, I assume we should take in some sugar to be healthy, and I sometimes, give in by buying some sweet tarts or starburst to hit a craving (rather than a fat laden reese's cup or the like).


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    Burn more cals than you take in and you will lose weight, and the sugar from sweet tarts or starburst is not needed by the body. Every now and then won't hurt anything as long as you don't go overboard.

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    Sugar is not necessary to be healthy, It would however be a good Idea to have your Sweet Tarts Post Workout with some protein, ST's are mostly Dextrose. I would forget about the hydrogenated Starburts though.


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