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Thread: Olympic-style benchpress (where to get?)

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    Hey everyone, where the best place to buy an Olympic-style benchpress that can do decline, flat, and incline (and preferably straight up)?

    And where is a good place to get the Olympic plates and bar (totaling in 300 lbs. w/ 45-pound barbell and plates)?

    It'd be nice if the bench had the attachments to do arm curls, leg curls, and leg extensions. It'd also be nice to have the dip and squat things on the back of the uprights.


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    I got mine from

    Model No. PHC 1900

    Very nice quality I think. Sturdy and has plenty of room for benching. 4 different settings for incline/decline/flat. 2 incline, 1 flat, 1 decline. Has pegs for holding weights, has a squat bar holding rack, the setting of where the bar is placed can be adjusted VERY easy. Has a preacher curl attachment and a leg curl/extension attachment. Plus it's wider then some benches so you will not have a problem hitting your elbows on the sides. The padding is also an inch thick or so It is wider and much better imo then the 740 or any model below it.

    That is the one I got.

    Direct Link
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    Yeah, I was looking at some online and that was 1 of the 2 I picked out. There's another one by Impex that's almost exactly the same, and I don't know the difference (same price too) except that it's black.

    A link to it:

    and search for "Marcy Weight Bench - Olympic"

    I don't really know the differences between the 2. Same descriptions except for the color. Same weight, dimensions, etc. heheh


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    heath, that's like insane!
    half the time I have no idea what you're talking about. the other half, I'm not listening.

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    it's the same company that I bought my equipment from. they carry the tuff-stuff line and it's the same equipment used OUTDOORS at Muscle Beach.


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