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Thread: Strenthening Shoulder Joints

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    Strenthening Shoulder Joints

    I'm having difficulty with almost all "push" moves. The exceptions are movements that are done with the elbows in, ie., with elbows out my shoulder joints can't take the stress of heavy weights; My muscles can do well more than my shoulder joints can take. I need really good shoulder joint strengthening exercises. Advice?


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    L flyes, internal and external rotations, and the usual presses and raises.

    If pressing with your elbows out bothers you, don't do it.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    Thanks, Paul:

    You were the one I wanted to hear from. One more thing, please. I'm not clear on what is meant by "interanl and external rotations." Please expound on or refer to an article or something.



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