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Thread: My Genetics... Staying lean?

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    My Genetics... Staying lean?

    I dont post much here, but i lurk alot... Tryska may or may not remember me. I usually "Update" every once in awhile. My Genetics (Told by my father) are we are always "Big" people. The majority of my family is very large...

    Ive come along way on my diet this past year, right about 130 pounds lost on a CKD cutting plan. Im really Really happy with my results... My Chest, arms, neck, legs and such are getting pretty lean... My stomach has shrank dramaticly and waist is down from a 48" to a 36". I will always be a rather big person, with very broad sholders.

    My stomach is the last bit of fat i have... its pretty flat, just with alittle fat still covering my abs and alittle around my waist. Ever since i started this diet i have imagined having a 6 pack and im determined to have one...

    What im wondering is how much Genetics have to do with this... the fat coming off just as fast as always, although ive thrown a few splurge days in there as well.. Its coming off pretty well. And to be honest ive seen some strength GAINS in the gym even while cutting.. so i must be doing something right.


    1. Do Genetics affect the amount of fat a person needs?

    2. My Genetics are for me to be rather big, will this affect how i maintain my BF% once at my target weight?

    3. What bodyfat % does you abs usually start showing through?

    4. At what point is it ideal to start bulking? once you down to your target BF%? or alittle above or below?

    Heres a few before and after pics...

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