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Thread: HIIT maybe?

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    HIIT maybe?

    I tried to do HIIT cardio on a tredmill on the gym, well its not too easy. Because it takes awhile for the machine to get up to the speed I set it to.

    I am wondering if this is good:

    warm up: 5 minutes of light walk


    30 secs walking
    2-3 minutes running 7-8 mph.

    30 secs walking
    5-7 minutes running 7-8 mph.

    1-2 minutes walking
    5-7 minutes running 7-8 mph.

    I do that for a total of 20 minutes... too much? too little.. I am on the air with this..

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    I thought the best hiit ratio was much closer together, like 25sec running to 60 walking? I'm not sure on that but I think it's in that ballpark. But that's probaly really hard to do on a treadmill.
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    I use the eliptical machine because it makes it easier going full intensity without changing the setting.

    But idealing you want to sprint for a short time and jog/walk for the rest. Try what Behemoth suggested or just use a machine that gives you more control. You can also try running in place and marching to cool down. That way you really don't need any machines.

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    According to that study powerman posted, the shorter the interval, the more effective the exercise at fat oxidation (to a certain point...) (as behemoth said).
    "fat oxidation was 3 times lower in the group that used 24 second work intervals and 36 second rest intervals, compared to a group using 6s/9s ratios."
    My advice would be running on grass or something (or road if your joints can take a pounding), its awkard but it would allow you to use shorter intervals and hence increase fat oxidation.
    Whatever you choose, I think the normal rest to work ratio is 1.5 to 1 (3 to 2).

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