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Thread: plateaued!

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    man, i checked my journal, after 5 months of no posting, and my lifts are almost the same. is there any way to get out of this plateau?
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    Of course, there's always something new to do. First, check your rep ranges. The body adapts to these very quickly. Try some very low reps for 3 weeks and se how you respond. Next, try altering the frequency of bodypart workouts. If you've been doing once-a-week, restructure your program and try twice-a-week for a while. You can also add some speed/power sets. Use a weight that's about 50-60% of your 1RM and concentrate on moving the bar as fast as you can for 5-8 sets of 2-3 reps (the high number of sets are to offset the fact that you do very low reps since your power output drops radically and then the lift loses its benefit).
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    eat more food

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    I had the same problem up until a few months ago. Make sure to give 110% every training session. Training like a man on a mission is what makes the freaks so damned freaky...
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    You could also try an ECA stack for pre-workout energy.


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